As our program progresses and we develop new software and hardware and evaluate commercial devices, we will post detailed technical reports and descriptions. So please continue to check in on our site. If you want to be added to our emailing list, let us know.

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Chris Rajala


Hey all! I am Gavin Ho, a mechanical engineering co-op, here with an initial hardware progress update. I have been researching, testing, and evaluating commercial hardware for automated positioning technologies. By learning more about these technologies, I hope to be able to provide specific recommendations based on various needs. I am beyond excited to share what I have learned with our community.

To investigate potential solutions, I have been working with the DJI RS 2 gimbal and the DJI Mavic Mini drone. My priority while testing these devices has been to ensure that they can successfully operate while keeping both the user and their precious cameras safe.

Currently, our team is converting the gimbal’s connection interface from wired to wireless communication. The purpose for this conversion is to be able to control the gimbal over Wi-Fi using our software. The gimbal is also being tested with specific Canon cameras that are compatible with control software. Our aim is to control both the camera and gimbal using voice commands as an input. It should also be noted that our software can incorporate other potential inputs besides voice, given that our users may be interested in different options.

I am excited to receive feedback from the community to help guide our progress and hope you are as enthusiastic about this project as we are. Make sure to stay tuned for more progress updates.

Hardware Updates


Gavin Ho


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